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Hope to Heal Counseling and Healing

Hope to Heal holds special bi-weekly sessions for the community to address physical, mental, and spiritual conditions along with family counseling in California (Fremont, Sacramento, San Jose) and Canada (Surrey - Vancouver). Based on the centuries old tradition of Ruqya as established by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him and his family) and as practiced by our pious predecessors, the dedicated staff at Hope to Heal is committed to helping people irrespective of their religion, national origin, race, or any other factor.

Neither Hope to Heal nor its staff claims to have any power to cure. All power comes from Allah (God) Almighty and He can cure in any way He wishes. It is our absolute belief that Allah Almighty has blessed and approved the Sunnah (practice) of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him and his family) and made it the proper channel through which we receive benefit. The Awliyah Kiram (Noble Saints) have exemplified the submission to the Sunnah. Spiritual healing is allowed to be effective through following their footsteps and receiving permission as Allah Almighty allows. Additionally, people seeking spiritual treatments should be cautious about fraudulent practitioners who may seek to further their own worldly needs.

Treatment at Hope to Heal is absolutely free of any charges and favors. We do not take gifts nor monetary compensation or fees for any of the services. Donations to the organization to cover operating expenses are encouraged but not required to receive treatment. Female practitioners are part of the Hope to Heal healing staff for women seeking private consultation.

Our methods involve ruqya ("dumm" in Urdu); taweez (taken from the Arabic root A-W-DH, which means to seek protection) to be drunk (click this link to see directions) or worn around the neck or arm; recitation of specific ayaat (verses) of the Holy Qur'an, or practice of a daily regimen (awraad). We do not prevent patients from taking medically prescribed medications, but we treat patients along with these medications.


The Hope to Heal staff has successfully treated many illnesses with documented cases and testimonials, including physical ailments such as Cancer, Tumors, Hodgkin's disease, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Migraine, Speech Problems, Infertility; social ills such as addiction to Crack, Cocaine, Marijuana, Alcohol or other substance abuses; Mental conditions such as Phobias, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Severe Depression, and spiritually-linked conditions. Our research and documenting of cases continues in this area. Below is a list of some of the initially recorded cases of illnesses for patients who have been successfully treated at the Hope to Heal:

For more information on our method of treatment including the list of preceding cases, please download and read the following Hope to Heal document:

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Healing and Counseling Sessions

Fremont (California)

Timing: Every Sunday after Zikr Gathering (See Upcoming Events for Zikr schedule)
Address: 37270 Niles Blvd, Fremont, CA
Contact: 510-732-6786

Sacramento (California)

Timing: Every Other Saturday after Zikr Gathering (See Upcoming Events for Zikr schedule or call)
Address: 7392 French Road, Unit #2, Sacramento, CA 95828
(We are in Unit #2 behind the main building)
Contact: 916-687-7547

Surrey/Vancouver (Canada)
Timing: Call for healing session schedule
Address: Please call contact Iqbal Qadri at the number below.
Contact: 604-505-5700