Successful Treatment of Various Physical, Mental, Spiritual Illnesses at Hope to Heal

Drug Addiction Case — Patient A

The patient stated that ever since he had gotten married twenty-five years ago, his relationship with his wife was very difficult and marked by constant arguments. Several times, the police had come to his house in order to handle these domestic issues. The patient also stated that he had gotten involved in drugs. At first, the patient started using marijuana with his friends and in a few years, the patient progressed to harder drugs such as crack cocaine, heroin, speed, and angel dust. The patient stated he used to be on a "trip" for three to four days, during the time in which he would go to work, but his mind would not be in a proper mental state. His employers were always suspicious of him because he would commonly use the washroom [in order to use drugs]. The patient explained how he had been in several rehabilitation programs after spending time in prison. He was removed from some rehabilitation programs because of relapsing into drugs. Several months ago the patient was at a point in which he was attempting to kill himself and was put into jail.

His wife was trying to help and motivate him by telling him that if he did not shape up, he would never by able to see his family again. The patient received taweez and started drinking water from them regularly. The patient explained that over the next few weeks, his behavior improved and he could feel the cleaning effect of the water. He had taken the taweez four to seven times, after which he completely lost his cravings.

His relationship with his wife has improved drastically to a more loving one. The patient mentioned an incident that once in the morning after drinking the water, he felt like throwing up. He immediately went to the sink and vomited a black thick substance that smelled badly. When the patient was asked whether he had eaten anything black, the patient replied in the negative saying that he had not eaten anything that would cause this type of vomit. After this episode, the patient stated he felt lighter.

His addiction of 25 years has completely left him and he no longer has any cravings now for the last 4-5 months since he felt better. 

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Drug Addiction/Psychological Disorder Case — Patient B

The patient is a teenager and has been suffering from various ailments for approximately 6 months. Some of his problems started when he started smoking marijuana with his friends. Although he smoked recreationally and was not addicted, he did suffer from mental and physical disorders. Generally, the patient was feeling restless and could not stay still for any long duration of time. He suffered from insomnia and suffered shortness of breath and sometimes a burning pain in the chest. He felt that his mind was telling him to walk around and "escape" from his surroundings. He also was quick to get angry and would get tired easily. The patient visited doctors for his breathing problems but X-rays did not reveal anything abnormal. Medical doctors said that the patient showed no physical signs. A psychologist that the patient visited said that although he (the patient) was very intelligent, he needed to think before he acted and stop smoking marijuana. The patient though, did not want to quit smoking as a social and emotional outlet. The patient's father found out about the services offered by Hope to Heal and brought his son in for treatment. The patient has been receiving treatment for approximately three months and has stopped smoking marijuana. The patient stated that he felt better immediately after drinking the taweez water and having some Quranic verses recited and blown upon him (traditionally referred to as 'Dum'). Since receiving his first treatment, he has not smoken any marijuana. Along with drinking the water containg taweez, the patient does come once a week to Hope to Heal services to receive the 'Dum' treatment and participate in Zikr (spiritual gathering). The patient has seen an improvement in the relationship with his family and does not feel restless as before. His shortness of breath has improved and his mind is more at rest. He claims that he just wants to be "normal" and is very satisfied with the help he has received.

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Hodgkin's Lymphoma Disease Case — Patient C

A patient came in for treatment who had been recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Hodgkin's disease is a malignant form of Cancer and a growth of cells in the lymph node system. The patient was suffering from nausea and vomiting, a sore throat, stomach pain, sore mouth, and bone pain. Some of this nausea or vomiting may have been due to chemotherapy or radiation. The patient had some success with the chemotherapy and radiation, and still continued the treatment during the course of Ruqya treatment. The patient had tumors in his underarm area. He received a continuous forty-one day treatment during which Quranic verses were recited and blown on the patient's underarms.

The patient reported feeling energized after receiving these treatments. After approximately 10 days of Ruqya treatment, the tumors had disappeared. When the patient appeared before the medical doctors, they were surprised at the disappearance of the tumors and had not expected the chemotherapy to be able to act so quickly. Currently, the patient is fully cured.

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Speech Development Problem Case — Patient D

A young baby boy of approximately two years came for treatment because his mother had complained about his speech problems. The only words he would be able to say were "Mother" (Mama) or "Father" (Dada). His treatment consisted of some Quranic verses blown onto the mouth. The mother was also given a set of Quranic verses to recite for eleven days. The baby boy immediately responded positively and was soon speaking more words. A year later, the mother brought in the same baby boy because the boy faced a different problem - he had recently been in a state in which he would constantly cry. He received the Dum treatment (blowing of Quranic verses) and his crying problem has gone away.

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Chronic Migraines Case — Patient E

A lady came complaining about severe headaches for the past fifteen years. She wrote for an explanation of her condition's difficulty that there was nothing in the field of Medicine that she had not tried in an attempt to cure this problem. After coming for spiritual treatment once, she felt much better and writes that she is a "different person now". She has no more headaches in the morning.

Severe Depression Cases

Patient F(1)

A female patient had been suffering from pounding headaches and depression for the past four years. She felt lethargic and had lost the emotional attachment to her children. Sometimes she would break down and cry for long durations, and also had lost a lot of hair. She also heard voices and felt something moving in her body. Doctors and psychologists had conducted a variety of tests including MRIs to diagnose her problem and she had been on various anti-depressants such as Prozac. She came for spiritual treatment and felt much better after the first few sessions, which consisted of prayers of certain Quranic verses. She is regularly drinking water in which a paper with Quranic verses (taweez) has been put. Her family has noticed a marked improvement in her condition and the patient now feels love towards her children.

Patient F(2)

A lady had been complaining about constantly feeling tired and was suffering from severe depression. She wanted to kill herself. She felt heaviness on her shoulders and was going bald (possibly because of pulling hair out herself.) The lady had been suffering like this for fifteen years. She has been undergoing treatment during the past year and has recovered from her problems. Her hair has grown back and her mental state has recovered. Her family life has improved greatly.

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Unexplained Yelling and Screaming Bouts Case — Patient G

A mother came in for treatment with her four-year-old daughter. The daughter would get into a state in which she would suddenly start crying and yelling for no apparent reason. After receiving spiritual treatment, the girl has not suffered from these bouts.

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Claustrophobia Case — Patient H

A young girl was suffering from a fear of crowded places. If she went into a crowd, she would start crying and making strange noises. She was brought in for spiritual healing treatment and currently; she is able to sit in her classroom without any problems.

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Alcoholic Cases — Patients I and J

Spiritual healing has been used in at least two cases regarding alcohol addiction. The men in these cases were addicted to alcohol to the point that several days would go by without them eating normal food. Instead they would just keep drinking - sometimes passing out and injuring themselves. These excesses were ruining their family life. The men were brought in for spiritual healing, which consisted of taweez and prayers. In these cases, the men completely stopped drinking and were able to support their families.

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Parasitosis Case — Patients K

A woman complained that she would see and feel insects or bugs crawing on her skin, eyes, and the inside of her head. She would say the insects would come on her arm and sometimes bite her and because of this problem, she was not able to sleep properly and was pulling her hair out. Other people cannot see these insects and the lady had gone to many different doctors. She had been given painkillers and other drugs. She started her spiritual treatment, which consisted of drinking water containing taweez, recitation of quranic verses, being blown on by Quranic verses. Within a week, she was feeling better, and has seen a big improvement in her problems.

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Marraige Counseling Cases — Patients X

Several family counseling problems have been solved with the combination of traditional counseling and spiritual healing. Sometimes, a husband and wife would come in and discuss the arguments they had been having. These arguments would be waged over various matters, some which were trivial and some were not. A sufficient treatment would attempt to examine some external factors, if any that would cause these types of family issues. If so, then an appropriate treatment consisting of taweez or recitation can be given.

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